Ανδρικό LED Bracelet Ρολόι

14,00  (συμπ. ΦΠΑ)

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Item specifics:
Brand: Unbranded
Movement: Quartz-Battery
Gender: Unisex
Display: LED
Style: Fashion
Model: Quartz Watch
Features: Date, Day & Date, Easy To Read, Light
Band Material: Stainless Steel
Country of Manufacture: China
Age: Modern (2000-present)
Type: Sport Styles
Width Of Watch: Approx 2.50cm
Length Of Watch: Approx 22.50cm
Screen: Two rows LED lights for time display
Settings: Time, Date, Seconds (Watch looks like a common metal bracelet at normal conditon, time will be displayed just like lava while LED is lighting)
Function buttons (right-side): Top (hour and date display + select) Button (change mode)
Battery: one CR2032 battery (included in watch)( 2.54cm =1.00inch)


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